Fitness Classes

February 25th– April 21st

Presence in Healing and the Practice of Being in a Body

Location: Main Street
Instructor: Amy Young
Class fee: $15
March 8th & 22nd 6:30-8:00pm

Having a body is one of the givens on this planet, at this time. Discovering what it can and cannot do is an exploration that consumes our childhood, often with great joy and delight. Once we are full grown, our bodies can become, almost, secondary; a “mere” vehicle for the self we think we are. These classes will explore the idea of our body as essential aspect of self, offering abilities and tools for our life’s journey of discovery and maturation. Wear comfortable clothes that allow movement and bring a blanket. The best benefit will come if you attend all three classes, however, these classes are not sequential; come to one, or come to all.
Minimum class size of four, so pre-register, please, by contacting Amy Young at

Infant Massage

Tuesdays 10:30 to 11:30
March 5, 12, 19
$30 for 3 classes 207-266-5981

Jessie Greenbaum LMT will teach 3 classes in infant massage. The classes build on each other. Massage techniques for parents to do with their baby, information and hand-outs, techniquesfor calming, colic, constipation, teething.
Massage stimulates the development of the nervous system, and body awareness. Massage can be a relaxing and bonding time

NEW CLASS! Barre Body

Location: Main Street
Instructor Wendy Morrill
Saturdays 8:00am-8:50am
The class will cost $12 or $100 for 10

Barre class mixes elements of Pilates, yoga, ballet and functional training to create flexible, long and lean muscles and leaves you feeling energized and strong. In each targeted exercise, you use the bar, mini balls, bands or small hand weights to sculpt, slim and stretch your entire body.

NEW Class! Cardio Strength

Location: Main Street Instructor: Wendy Morrill
Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-4:15pm $12 or $100 for 10 classes

This class is a combination of cardio and strength-based exercise. The focus will be increasing your energy and endurance, all-over strength, burning fat and improving balance and flexibility. You will enjoy a variety of exercises that can be modified to any level of fitness.

Spin Fusion

Location: Main Street 
Instructor: Jackie Carroll
Monday at 3:30pm Wednesday and Friday 8:45am
Member $10, non-member $12
See Jackie for package rates

This 50 minutes class will be of  mix of cardio on the spinning bike combined with strength training
for the upper body. The rest of class will be spent working on a variety of core exercises, including
Pilates and yoga stretches.

Class will run trough March 29th

NEW CLASS! "Age Strong"

Location: Main Street. Instructor: Paula Dunbar. Free for members Non Members pay day fee. Mondays & Wednesdays 7:45-8:30am

Age Strong is a class geared to strengthening and retraining muscles, with exercises that can increase bone mineral density and stamina. The program will have strength training, some aerobic exercise, basic exercises and movements to help improve balance, agility and daily actions. Gradual escalation and class variety should make this class easy to follow and enjoyable, too.

Yoga with Phoebe

Location: Main Street 
Instructor: Phoebe Barnes
Tuesdays 9:00 - 10:15am
5 classes for $65 drop-in $15

This mixed level class is a blend of different Yoga traditions. The pace is slow and steady. The practice starts with warming poses, then offers salutations, standing pose sequences and balance work. The physical asana are a means for cultivating a deeper listening and presence so that we can embrace our whole self (body, mind and heart) for connected living on and off the mat.

Hatha Yoga for Everybody

Instructor: Mary Kate Murray E-RYT 500
Location: Main Street
Monday and Wednesday 9-10:30am
Fees: Drop In $20 or Students $15
or 5 classes for $90 or 5 for $65

Yoga is an invitation to go within; this class will help you remember your inner strength while
cultivating great vigor in you body and clarity in your mind. Destress, unwind, and reside in your heart, on your mat and in good company. This class is open to the very beginner to the experienced student. In this class you will learn safe alignment, heal old injuries and cultivate a balanced yoga practice.

60+ Active Older Adults

Instructor: Lisa Tweedie & Kristy Sharp
Location:Fitness Center
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9-10 am
Free for fitness center members, non-members pay Fitness Center day fee.

The weight room is closed during this class! This weight training class focuses on individual needs with each participant's program individually designed. Each hour session includes warm up and flexibility exercises, muscle strengthening, cardiovascular and cool down. Participants can choose from a wide variety of equipment, all of which are demonstrated for proper usage.

Indoor Cycling/Multi-Level Indoor Cycling

Location: Main Street
$24 members (8 classes)
$36 non-members (8 classes)
$10 drop in fee.
MEMBERS ONLY Unlimited Cycling $60
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 5:30 am
Tuesday & Thursday 3:00 pm

A unique Indoor Cycling workout that brings the elements of athletic training to people of all fitness levels.
This high-energy group exercise integrates music, camaraderie and visualization. Rides are tailored to all fitness levels.

FREE!!! NEW CLASS! Chair Yoga/Meditation NO CLASS 3/15 & 3/22

Location: Main Street
Instructor: Susan Sassaman
Chair Yoga
Fridays 9-10:30am

Gain all the benefits of yoga with the support of a chair. Deep breathing and modified postures strengthen our bodies and calm our minds.

FREE!! NEW CLASS! Tai Chi For Health NO CLASS 3/15 & 3/22

Location: Main Street
Instructor: Susan Sassaman
Tai Chi for Health
Fridays 11am-Noon

This easy to learn, enjoyable class includes min/body integration, slow fluid movements, controlled breathing and mental concentration.